Sunday, 28 June 2009

97: Infernal - From Paris To Berlin

Ah, the first 'Marmite' song in my countdown. But whatever you think about it, there's no question that the banging 'From Paris To Berlin' was THE clubbing smash hit of the summer of 2006. Which is, in itself impressive, for a song that the Danish two-piece first released in 2004.

The song reached #2 in the UK charts in May 2006, and remained in the Top 5 for seven weeks, making it the 6th biggest selling single of the year. A re-worked version titled 'From London To Berlin', recorded for the England World Cup squad flopped however, when the England team were knocked out of the tournament by Portugal.

It's not the most complex or innovative song ever recorded, but it's undeniably fun, full of energy, a proper example of summer euro-cheese. And when a DJ plays it, the atmosphere usually seems to lift. So for that reason alone, I'm having my toast with Marmite.

PS - Fact fans may be interested to know that Infernal also recorded the theme tune for the Danish version of Big Brother

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