Monday, 26 October 2009

51: R Kelly - Ignition (Remix)

Bringing the first half of my countdown to an end is a man whose decade will largely be remembered for his 90 minute "hip-hopera", 'Trapped In The Closet' which was widely regarded as "so awful that it's actually brilliant". But in 2003, ten years after entering the public consciousness with 'She's Got That Vibe', R Kelly released his finest single to date, a slow-grinding r'n'b anthem with a significant hat-tip to the likes of Barry White and Lionel Ritchie.

'Ignition (Remix)' - incidentally, I have no idea what made this a remix, nor what the original may have sounded like - is yet another story of a one-night stand, as R Kelly describes what would seem to be his fantasy evening with the "mama" who has "got every man in here wishing". The lyrics are crude at times, full of innuendo - "I'm about to take my key and stick it in the ignition" - but somehow still fairly sensual. Unlike the Mystery Jets and Laura Marling (the previous song in my countdown), Kelly doesn't seem overly bothered whether the night leads to anything longer term. For him "it's the freaking weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun".

File under 'songs to make love to'!

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