Friday, 31 December 2010

My Top 20 TV Shows of 2010 (and top film, gig)

10 Flashforward 
A crime that this was cancelled by ABC after improving exponentially as the first series progressed. This filled the 'Lost'-shaped hole in the schedules perfectly.  
9 Ask Rhod Gilbert 
Surprisingly funny and original concept for a panel show. Rhod's flatmate Lloyd was the star of the show. Like QI on drugs.  
8 Whites 
Brilliantly understated kitchen-based comedy from Alan Davies, with superb supporting roles from the cream of young British TV talent - Darren Boyd, Katherine Parkinson, Isy Suttie and Matt King.  
7 24 
2010 was the year we said farewell to Jack Bauer. And it was a fitting way to go, with the most gripping series of '24' in years. Dammit, Chloe.  
6 Raising Hope 
Heart-warming new Fox comedy from the 'My Name Is Earl' team. The concept is simple, but the laughs are plentiful, and there's a happy moral message in every episode.  
5 The Event 
ABC's loss (in cancelling FlashForward) is NBC's gain. 'The Event' is still in its early days, but it's already must-see TV. Plus it gives more screen time to Blair Underwood, who was brilliantly evil in the now-cancelled (and sorely missed) 'Dirty Sexy Money'.  
4 In-Betweeners 
Whilst there's a sense that it may now have run its course, the antics of the sixth-formers were as uncomfortable, cringeworthy and quotable as ever. I had to hide my eyes behind my own hands during the fashion show episode.  
3 Dive 
This was a BBC two-parter in August that most of the country probably missed. Stunning acting performances from Jack O'Connell (Cook from 'Skins') and Aisling Loftus in this story of sporting ambition and underage pregnancy.  
2 Southland 
Billed as LA's answer to Baltimore's 'The Wire', this was no ordinary cop show. Sure, there were fast-paced cases to solve, gun battles and car chases, but there was also time for the mundane day-to-day of the job to shine through. Ryan from 'The O.C' (Benjamin Mackenzie) excelled.  
1 The Walking Dead 
Frank Darabont's comic-book adaptation has been unmissable, the TV highlight of the year. Even if you don't like zombies, it's worth watching for the beautifully crafted landscapes littered with corpses, the ease with which Darabont conveys panic, the bleakness of a post-apocalyptic world. And of course, the acting of Andrew Lincoln, with the most convincing American accent I've ever heard from a British actor.   

Past winners

2009 winner: Not awarded

2008 winner: The I.T. Crowd

2007 winner: Heroes

2006 winner: Extras

2005 winner: Lost

I've not seen many films, so my highlight would probably be The Social Network.  

Past winners

2009 winner: A Prophet

2008 winner: The Dark Knight

2007 winner: Superbad

2006 winner: Borat - Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

2005 winner: Maria Full Of Grace

My favourite gig of the year was the Rage Against The Machine victory gig in Finsbury Park on 6th June. You can read my thoughts on it here.

Past winners

2008 winner: Jay Z @ Hyde Park, 3rd July 2008

2007 winner: Muse @ Wembley Stadium, 16th June 2007

2006 winner: Madness @ Benicassim, 23rd July 2006

2005 winner: Queens of the Stone Age @ Kokos, 23rd August 2005


  1. I got to see The Social Network on the plane ride back, so good! I also saw Maria Full of Grace this year which was great.

  2. a nice list you have there. the walking dead is pretty fun and exciting to watch.

  3. the walking dead is a really exciting movie. i agree that it should be on the top of the list.