Friday, 11 September 2009

71: Andrew W.K. - Party Hard

Andrew W.K. is a man of many talents. Not content with the simple life of a rock star, he also has his own record label, owns an award-winning Manhattan night club, and as of 2007, appears as a self-help motivational lecturer.

It's fair to assume that his drive and ambition would have ensured him some kind of fame, whatever he did with his life, but 'Party Hard', which reached #19 in the charts back in 2001 was the real springboard to his later success. It's a song beloved by music fans, with its vocoder intro, pop-punk riff and train wreck of a chorus.


  1. What nightclub does he own in NYC?!

  2. From Wikipedia:
    Nightclub and live music venue

    In Spring of 2008, Andrew and three partners opened a multi-level nightclub and live concert hall in downtown Manhattan, New York City. The venue is named Santos Party House, and features 8,000 square feet of dance floor and concert facilities, and over 150 loud-speakers. The space is designed for disco dancing and live music. It was one of the few new venues in New York City to be granted a liquor license and a cabaret license. The cabaret license means people can legally dance until 4am. Since opening, Santos Party House has received numerous awards, including: The People's Choice Award for Best Night Club, Best New Club, Best DJ Night (from Paper Magazine), Best New Dance Floor (from The Village Voice), and many more. In May 2009, Andrew and his work with Santos was the subject of an extensive four page article in New York Magazine.