Tuesday, 8 September 2009

74: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

"Wait, they don't like you like I love you"

A second appearance in my countdown for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (
'Zero' was at #90), but a totally different sounding song. Whereas 'Zero' is all shimmering disco balls, 'Maps' always strikes me as a lament. What it is, precisely, that Karen O is lamenting, I'm not sure, but she has her reasons, I expect.

I loved 'Maps' from the very first time I heard it. My favourite bit is the second verse, where Karen suddenly raises her voice to sing the line "I'll stay the same" - a defiant message, a refusal to compromise.

When my friends and I played this song on Rock Band, I always ended up doing vocals. And despite the fact that I have a terrible voice (and hate hearing myself sing), I always enjoyed singing this one... it's just a lovely, sweet vocal, the perfect accompaniment to the lullaby-esque tune.

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