Monday, 7 September 2009

76: Good Charlotte - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

Yeah yeah, I know, Good Charlotte, what am I thinking, etc. But 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl' is unlike anything else they've recorded, and for a while in 2007, it was on constant repeat on my iPod. I've always liked the grey area where rock crosses into rap, and that's what we've got here, courtesy of Mr. Nicole Ritchie on lead vocals and the former Mr. Paris Hilton on backing vocals. The relentless flow of lyrics is undoubtedly the strong point, even if those lyrics happen to be fairly lame.

The story of the song is pretty straightforward... those tough Good Charlotte boys are all covered in tattoos and high-end fashions (note the hypocrisy of this song's lyrics versus their biggest hit to date, 'Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous'). And if you try and steal their girlfriends, they'll kick your ass. Why you'd want to steal either Ms. Hilton or Ms. Ritchie from them remains beyond me.

But there's just something I like in the way that they deliver this message of overprotective threatened violence. I particularly like the line "I've got brass knuckles hanging from my neck and my chain". It is a more aggressive sound, courtesy of Don Gilmore, the man responsible for Linkin Park's 'Hybrid Theory', and on this particular track, it just seems to work.

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